• Circuit principle design

  • we complete principle scheme, design principle diagram to customers, customers only need to submit to our functional requirements, suitable for PCB development ability of the customer
  • PCB design

  • We design the PCB, customer submit schematic documents to us, is suitable for the customer circuit design ability
  • The driver design

  • the hardware and software development of integrated project, the APP development, etc


Software download

04-19Software download

Software download...

  • Hangzhou tiger eye intelligent technology co., LTD. Is a professional hardware platform design outsourcing and the transition of high-tech companies.The core team members are from the domestic and international large communication company, has 20 years experience in product development.Realize the stable and reliable hardware and software design service for the customer and production services, the company insists on the idea of customer first, continuous improvement design service specification, improving production quality and testing method, won the trust of many customers and support.Business scope: hardware development, driven software development and application development.


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