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N2N communication module hardware

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1.1. master chip: STM32F103VET6, the design of the main chip peripheral circuit.

1.2. communication module 1:XXX.

1.3. communication module 2:XXX.

2 other modules

2.1. power module: input is 5~36V, the output to meet the power supply needs of the module. The industrial site needs, so the power supply is relatively high requirements, Wen Bo small, strong anti-interference ability. Design on board.

2.2. WIFI antenna: 1

2.3. GPRS antenna: 1

2.4. mother head serial port: 1. The 9 line, 1 for the ground, the rest of the 4 pairs, the pair is UART 232, the pair is UART 1 to 485

2.5. Ethernet interface: two, according to the reference design 2, 1 LAN, a WAN

3 serial jumper

The board can be used for three purposes, the use of these three can be achieved in the following two ways:

Mode 1: all chip welding, through the jumper to support different functions

Mode 2: according to the function of the welding part of the chip, through the jumper to support different functions